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A few words about us and how our adventure with cats has started.
My adventure with cats began over 20 years ago, when during shopping I noticed in between the shelves a small, really cold kitten. The decision to take him with me was made in a flash, and a few moments later I came back home holding the little one under my jacket. It was my first kitten and he taught me all cat’s habits. A few years later, two black-and-white female cats joined us.

Being already experienced in life with cats, I dreamed about having a pure-bred cat. I knew that the main criterion when choosing a breed would be for the cat to be sociable and cheerful. Because until now I had three black cats, I decided that the new member of our household should have a light and fluffy coat. In this way, the choice was limited to Neva Masquerade and Ragdoll. Cats of both breeds are beautiful and intelligent, however, due to the fact that Neva does not cause allergies, the choice fell in to that race. I did not want to risk a situation in which in a few years time I would have to give up my cat because someone in the household would have allergy symptoms.

So, this way, in September 2014 BESSI from LAURKOWO*PL breeding appeared in our house. Two years later, her daughter Antea and then Bonnie settled in our house and in 2017 Colete was born, who also decided to stay with us.

My passion for cats of this breed has passed on to my mother, Beata. After the death of two female cats who had lived with my mother for more than 16 years, she decided to join my breeding. The first breeding cat that has stayed with her is Bonnie. Beata also decided to buy beautiful cats from Russia: Yagodka from the breeding of Maris Stella and Guerlain from the breeding of Imageblaze. Then an extremely friendly male cat Kiryan Morozko L * came to us, and from February 2018 a beautiful female cat Bayuna from breeding of Kocilandia Bis * PL is living with my mother.

About breeding.
We are a fully legal breeding registered in the Polish Felionological Association ( PZF – Polski Związek Felinologiczny ) belonging to the World Cat Federation (WCF). Our cats are family members, they are always with us and accompany us in everyday life. We devote a lot of attention to all kittens so that they have a happy childhood and are perfectly socialised. In addition to the good health of our kittens, we make sure that they become friendly, they like to cuddle and to make them a great companions for new carers.

Our adult cats live in two houses: Bessi, Antea and Colete live with me, and Bonnie, Yagodka, Guerlaine, Bayuna and Kiryan live with Beata. All of them take parts in cat shows, they are very well rated and gain further certificates and distinctions.

All our cats are under constant veterinary care. They are subjected to specialised kidneys (PKD) and heart (HCM) examinations as well as regular blood and ultrasound tests. This ensures us that all of them are healthy and free from genetic defects. Our breeding is free from Felv / Fiv.

Kittens that are born with us leaving our cattery:
– having a five-generation pedigree, accepted worldwide, issued by the Polish Felionological Association ( PZF – Polski Związek Felinologiczny ) belonging to the World Cat Federation (WCF)
– after being vaccinated twice with the best vaccine (Purevax)
– being after prophylactic deworming
– they are chipped and registered in the largest Safe Animal database
– they are neutered or sterilised
– before moving to a new home, they undergo a detailed veterinary check
– we sign a Contract of sale in which we guarantee that the kitten is healthy
– a kitten receives a beautiful layette
– a kitten has a health book / passport

The conditions of sale of the kitten in the option for future breeding are determined individually.
We sell cats only to breedings registered in WCF, FIFE and TICA.
The cats are taught how to use the litter box and scratcher, and they’re used to cutting claws Our cats eat raw meat prepared in accordance with the BARF diet principles and the best quality pet food cans .
We provide support at every stage of your kitten’s life. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and share our experience with you.
We would like to invite you to see the photos of kittens that are currently looking for new homes.
Perhaps thanks to us you will find your dreamed, fluffy happiness ?

Agnieszka & Beata